Salma Hayek

Title: Salma Hayek? Call Her Salma Hayek Pinault Now

Movie star, producer, Oscar nominee for “Frida”– Salma Hayek is all those things. But she’s also married to Francois Pinault, a nice man who is a billionaire and runs Gucci among other things. Our LEAH SYDNEY reports from Golden Globe week that Salma now would like to be called Salma Hayek Pinault. Last weekend Salma and new-almost dad Jeremy Renner cohosted Film Independent’s Annual Spirit Awards Nominee Brunch held at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood.

Leah reports: Jeremy started off the ceremony by looking at Selma and joking, ” Oh great, instead of us having an amazing weekend together, we have to hand out these checks.” Salma looked simply smashing in basic black, white pearls and a pink coat. As the duo handed out the various honors to the worthy filmmakers, Salma quipped as she was trying to say a particularly difficult name, “Great, this one they give to the Mexican dyslexic.”

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